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Please, either call it a template and sell it outright, or make it cheaper and make it tutorial/example.


Ok, question, this looks pretty good and all, but if it's for learning purposes, and is meant as an example project, why are you making people pay 30 Dollars for it, when they could instead use those 30 Dollars to commission a fully rigged and designed model from you, or any other Live2D modeler, instead?


Rigging commissions are much more expensive than 30$, for example Cillia's fullbody price starts at 3000,00$ ( ), rigging from any artist will cost at least a few hundreds of dollars and 30$ are not enough to cover the price of a whole rigging.


that's fair, but why not make fully rigged and designed model commissions for people and have them pay a lot more for those instead of a public model example that is meant to teach other people how to rig models?

You would make a lot more money and people could learn how to make their own models as well.